28 Day Detox Tea

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Flatten your stomach and loose 3-5 pounds a week.  Improve digestion and reach your weight loss goals with our 28 Day Detox Tea. Made with a blend of moringa, oolong tea, lotus leaf, and cassia leaf, this gentle tea detoxifies your body, increases bowel movement, and promotes a flatter stomach. Begin your journey to a healthier you today.


Moringa, oolong tea, lotus leaf and cassia leaf.

Direction of Use:

  1. Put 2 teabags in hot water and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes.  Do not discard teabags, as these can be reused 2-3 times.  You can add fresh lime slices or 1-2 teaspoon to your tea to aid in detoxing.
  2. Drink alot of water during the day and change your diet to salads, fruits, and eat a healthier diet to increase more weight lost and work out during the cleanse.


You can drink the detox drink  if you are on medication.  Please consult with your doctor first if you are on medication. Especially those with health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Pregnant women and breast feeding moms shouldn’t use. Also, not suitable for children.

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